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I currently work with an accountant, why should we talk?

Most good business people do have accountants. Wouldn’t you agree it makes good business sense to compare the services and fees just to make sure you are getting all the help you need at a reasonable rate?

Where is MONI located?

We are headquartered in Newark, NJ where our in-house bookkeepers, CPAs and tax specialists work from. Your business data and personal information will never be compromised by outsourcing to companies overseas.

I’m very busy, how much time will this take?

We can understand you are busy, but there is a good possibility that we can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on taxes alone. All we require is 30 minutes of your time to determine if we can save you time, money and increase your profits.

I do it myself, why should I consider MONI?

We realize that there is a big temptation to do it yourself because you may feel that saves you money. However, many business people have found that by freeing up more of their time to run their business, they find more ways to make money. In addition, there are things like the new tax laws, audit procedures, loans, and most importantly, tax planning that you may not be prepared to handle properly. We would like to schedule a phone conference to discuss how we might help. Press “Get started” and let’s talk soon.

I’m happy with my accountant

That’s good! However, it might make good business sense to take a few moments to compare the services. Not all accounting firms offer the same services. And fees vary widely. Wouldn’t you like to know that you’re getting the best combination of price and services?

I’m too small for an accountant

We specialize in small start-up business like yours. It is important to have an experienced accountant on your side to guide you as your business grows. The tax dollars you save can be reinvested back into your business to help you grow even faster. Plus, we can help you avoid making mistakes that could lead to trouble with the IRS or state agencies. We feel that it is important to assist a business right from the start. We would like to meet with you so that we can discuss how we can help your business. Press “Get started” and let’s talk soon.

Will I lose touch with my business if I outsource my bookkeeping?

Actually, just the opposite! Instead of spending your time managing and entering information into your books you’ll be able to spend more time analyzing the books, and managing the operations and sales functions of your business. Having MONI Virtual bookkeeping service is like having a trusted adviser monitoring your books to make sure things run appropriately, while you focus on what you do best – running your business.

Is my data safe?

We are in compliance with 201 CMR 17.00, the most stringent data regulations in the country. We have multiple layers of data protection, with surveillance and technology companies that are monitoring our servers 24/7. We host our client data in a state of the art tier 4 data center in Dallas Texas. It has redundancy in every aspect of the network. Our dedicated servers are always backed up to multiple locations across the country. There are multiple generators to keep the servers running.

Do you take the place of my CPA or Tax Preparer?

If you like your CPA, you can keep your CPA; we will work with your CPA or tax preparer to complete your accounting team. As a cloud virtual bookkeeping company, we encourage CPAs to offer proactive advice to their clients and can give them access to your data to do so! We get you ready for tax time!

If your CPA or tax professional is inadequate to provide you the proactive advice that you deserve, we can refer you to our sister CPA firm to consider.

How do I get my information to MONI Virtual Books?

There are several ways to get your data to us:

  • Direct download from your Accounts – With read-only login credentials, we download your bank, credit card and inventory data, where possible. We review and categorize every transaction to ensure accuracy.
  • Direct Upload to the Secure Server – This seems to be the simplest way to send us information. Anything stored on your computer can be uploaded to the server with a simple copy and paste method. Anything you upload to the server is backed up nightly in multiple locations.
  • Dropbox – For an additional fee our clients can take advantage of our document management system which allows you to upload and store all your documents in a user-friendly electric file cabinet.
  • Fax – The old standby, we use an online system that will receive your faxes and store them electronically, the less paper wasted the better! On the homepage of our website, there is an orange button that says, “fax me” you can click the button and upload electronic copies of what you want to fax, saving trees on both ends!
  • Fed-Ex – For those who do not like working with technology we can provide pre-paid Fed-Ex envelopes so that the client may simply mail everything once or twice a month.
  • Courier Service – For clients who are local we can arrange a courier pick up and drop off of accounting data.
What is a remote session?

A remote session is a desktop terminal service that allows an authorized user to access, view and control of a host computer without being in the same room as that computer. We can “remote” on top of your connection. What this means is a client in California can call us and have a question about a specific item they see in QuickBooks, in a matter of seconds an MONI staff member can access your computer, share your screen, and take control of the mouse and keyboard allowing us to walk our client through any questions that may arise. Our clients often feel as if we are in the same room, the remote session gives the client the feeling that they have an in-house bookkeeper.

What is the cost of your Virtual Bookkeeping Services?

We offer monthly bookkeeping plans – select “pricing” to view and pick the best package or we can customize a plan to fit your needs. Don’t worry a customized plan does not mean expensive. We create a very transparent pricing matrix for the services needed to meet your business needs. To learn more about our full line of services press “Get started” and let’s talk soon.

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